About Me

I'm Jane Appleyard, a Qualified Physiotherapist.

Professional Experience

I qualified in the early 80’s, and initially specialised in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries. After years of manipulating and mobilising patients I began to develop a real interest in the treatment of pelvic floor and continence problems.

My past experience has included:

  • Designing and delivering post graduate continence training programmes for health care professionals 
  • Setting up a women’s health pelvic floor service for Boots Health and Wellbeing Centre
  • Developing the use of social media for different organisations to promote pelvic health

Currently I combine working as a clinical lead and continence specialist physiotherapist in the NHS with independent work.

Personal Experience

Although my children are both adults, I can clearly remember the ups and downs of pregnancy, the mixed experience of delivering large babies into the world and the shock of trying to return to aerobic classes with a very weak pelvic floor!

In more recent years I’ve had abdominal surgery, breast cancer and worked my way through the menopause.

The combination of life experiences along with my professional knowledge helps me to both empathise with, and empower, the women I treat.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy works! It’s great to be able to support and encourage women along the way.