Common Questions

Common Questions

Is my problem suitable for a physiotherapy online consultation from Stress Free Woman?

The majority of women experiencing continence and pelvic floor problems can be effectively treated with an online assessment.

Your answers to questions on The Symptom Summary Form will enable the physiotherapist to decide whether an online consultation is suitable. If it isn't we will inform you and refund the cost of the consultation.


How can you diagnose my problem without performing an examination?

An experienced women’s health physiotherapist can learn a significant amount of information about your condition by talking to you. Your answers to specific questions will enable her to  have a very clear indication of your diagnosis and put together the most appropriate treatment plan


What treatment can online physiotherapy offer?

Most of the treatment women receive for bladder, pelvic floor problems and prolapse involves advice rather than hands on treatment. 

In a clinic situation 90% of the consultation consists of;

  • Education about your specific condition and the lifestyle changes you can make to improve your symptoms.
  • Advice about pelvic floor exercises and how to progress
  • Working out ways to motivate you to comply long term
  • Teaching you how to assess your own pelvic floor muscle contractions.


What’s so special about Stress Free Woman? I can find information on the internet about women’s health problems. 

You’re right there is a huge amount of information on the internet about bladder leaks and pelvic floor exercises. There are also hundreds of gadgets and gizmos  promising to give you the cure to all your symptoms -along with improving your sex life!

The truth is you can spend a lot of money on equipment and start exercises both of which may be totally inappropriate for your specific condition. By having access to your own physiotherapist you’ll be given tailor made advice. 

If any pelvic floor equipment looks as if it may be useful your physiotherapist will be able to give you guidance.

By the way Stress free woman is totally independent and does not receive any financial reward should we direct you to a particular company.


How will I remember the advice I was given? 

A summary of the consultation along with all the advice you were given will be sent through via email.

We have also put together a series of short educational video tutorials. So you’re not bombarded with information that’s not appropriate you’ll be given access to the tutorials that will support your treatment plan.

After 6 weeks we will contact you via email to see how you are getting along.

Once we’ve checked out your progress another email will be sent with further links to tutorials if appropriate.


What are the Master Classes?

Some women decide they require further guidance and support using Skype after the 6 weeks. It is possible to arrange follow up online consultations. You may want  to discuss for example:

  • how to set up and safely use a muscle stimulation or biofeedback device
  • advice about co-ordinating the pelvic floor with other muscles in the ‘core’
  • correct posture and breathing techniques to improve your pelvic floor tone

These sessions are always going to be tailor made to an individual and the charge will be on a sessional basis.