Julie's Story

Julie’s Story

I hit menopause five years ago and felt very different ‘down below’. My bladder was always on my mind and I had started to panic about going anywhere if I didn’t know where the loos were.

Putting my key in the door was a nightmare. I had to drop my shopping and race to the loo.  Sounds daft but I began to feel like an old woman – even my sex life was affected. And I’d started to wear a pad ‘just in case’.

The online appointment was so useful. It was really easy to talk to Jane. She helped me to understand how some of the things I was doing to try and sort my bladder out were making it worse.

I’d thought about buying a machine that I’d seen advertised in a women’s magazine. Jane was able to advise me about this. In the end with her guidance I didn’t need anything apart from learning how to train my bladder.

I’ve told a couple of my friends about this website. 

Julie's name has been changed, and she gave permission for her story to be shared. Just to re-assure you Stress Free Woman operates under the strict standards of confidentiality as laid out by the professional standards of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions council.