Overactive bladder follow up form

1. Do you feel that your symptoms of urgency are *
symptoms of frequency are *
symptoms of urge leaks are *
2. How helpful have you found the advice you were given about lifestyle changes *
3. Did you feel using the guidance you were given that you were able to assess your pelvic floor muscles effectively *
4. How easy has it been to remember to do your basic pelvic floor exercise routine every day *
5. How much do you feel your current symptoms effect your life *
please select a number where 0 is not at all, 5 is moderately and 10 is significantly
The next stage is to progress your exercise programme and give you further advice about self-help. Feel free to use the text box below to either give me any further information about your current symptoms or to ask any questions that you feel we have not covered. I will review this information and reply via email
6. Finally can I ask at this stage how you would rate your experience of stress free woman *
please select a number where 0 is poor service, 5 is pleased and 10 is excellent service