Sarah's Story

Sarah’s Story

My son was twelve months old when I read about Jane Appleyard’s online service in a local magazine. It‘s great being a mum, but exhausting, and I just wanted to get back to doing something for myself.  My friend asked me to go to a fitness class with her... A night off the bath-time routine — plus the chance to get rid of my baby belly — plus a chat with my friend — sounded fab.

I made sure I had a wee before the class began. In fact there were a few women making a last minute trip to the loo! As soon as I started doing any kind of jumping the problem started. Just background leaks but they were enough to come through my clothes. I found myself changing my movements and doing silly little half skips to try and get some control. I was so glad I was wearing black joggers but it was really embarrassing. I finished up making an excuse to my friend so I didn’t go back to the class again.

When I started to ‘test’ myself I found that actually doing any running around or lifting up my son also caused leaks. It didn’t seem bad enough to see my doctor about but I was worried it may get worse especially if I had another baby.

Using Stress Free Woman was just such a great experience. Jane had read all my forms so when we spoke it was as if she already knew me. Being able to chat things through was so reassuring, and I:

  • Learned how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly
  • Was given my own exercise programme
  • Was told not to try and ‘stop and start’ when I wee
  • Was advised about the best type of exercise to do in a gym or class

The video tutorials were really great and only last about five minutes. Son settled in bed, partner watching the telly, cup of tea in my hand, I could watch them and remind myself of some of the advice I’d been given.

I’m now out power walking with my friend twice a week, and planning on starting classes again once the dark nights set in.

Feel like I’ve got my body back!

Sarah's name has been changed, and she gave permission for her story to be shared. Just to re-assure you Stress Free Woman operates under the strict standards of confidentiality as laid out by the professional standards of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professions council.